Politicians and a Pinch of Humour

Politics can be serious, boring, thrilling, dishonest. You name it. However, sometimes it can even be funny. I live in Germany and I have to confess that „Humour“ is not a virtue that you would necessarily associate with German politicians. My impression is that in the United States politicians sometimes try to prove that they have a sense of humour. One of the best examples is the President of the United States himself. Yesterday I stumbled upon this „speech“ that Obama gave on the occasion of the White House correspondents dinner. I would like to see more of this great sense of humor and irony in German politics as well (If you like this speech you should also watch last year’s speech).

There is a fierce competition in the US between the Democrats and the Republicans and from my experience during an internship in Washington and things that I read and watch in the news I have to say that I’m glad politics in Germany is not a clash of two political camps like in the US. However, a pinch of irony and humour would definitely enrich German politics.